830 Trailer E-series: mobile material handler with trailer for processing timber
Mobile material handler with trailer for processing timber SENNEBOGEN 830 E Press-Kit

Pedersen Group gains a power house to help with tough jobs - the SENNEBOGEN 830 trailer handles timber in the Southern Hemisphere

The Pedersen Group, based in Australia and New Zealand, has been using a new SENNEBOGEN 830 Trailer E-series since March 2019. The 43.5 tonner with its 14 meter long equipment takes care of timber logistics and loads its own trailer with freshly cut wood. A member of the timber processing industry, the company has tasked itself with making upstream processes as economical as possible for its customers; pulp and paper companies as well as the forestry industry.

Economical, efficient, sustainable – these were the key words of the project for SENNEBOGEN sales and service partner Pacific Materials Handling and the Pedersen Group. "We work with globally active forestry organizations and process over 8 million tons of fibre on an annual basis. In order to make our services as efficient as possible, we need to maximize the potential savings in every single area of our processes! That, of course, includes our fleet of vehicles," explained Gavin Hudson when visiting the SENNEBOGEN stand at bauma 2019. He is CEO of the company, which currently has 150 employees and operates at four locations. 


SENNEBOGEN Green Efficiency

SENNEBOGEN applications are always in demand when it comes to saving energy and reducing costs. In diesel operations the SENNEBOGEN Green Efficiency principle applies, lots of small construction and control topics combine to create a harmonious and efficient system with higher efficiency levels and reduced consumption. The built-in, series standard automated idling and stop, for example, facilitate reduced consumption when the machine is not being used, without the operator needing to do anything. Another feature is EcoMode, working with reduced engine speed, which in turn reduces specific fuel consumption and means use can be targeted depending on the difficulty of the task.In addition, SENNEBOGEN's standard optimized engineering is used to increase efficiency. Economically adjusted, large-scale hydraulic valves and pipes are used to achieve the ideal flow rate for the hydraulic oil and prevent transmission dispersion losses. Furthermore, the fan units only run when needed so as to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. All this leads to an up to 25 percent reduction in fuel consumption when the material handler is used optimally.


Huge tractive force

The 830 E's big plus point in trailer operation is its load capacity. Loading and driving operations are powered by a 168 kW engine, leaving plenty of tractive force to easily move the, at times, 60 ton log loading trailer. The advantages? Less driving routes, more potential load capacity, and more efficient working than solutions without trailer application. At the Pedersen Group log yard in Maryvale, the machine and trailer cover a loaded distance of 1.5 kilometres to the storage area within a remarkable 10 to 15-minute cycle."Thanks to the stable, four-wheel drive undercarriage and the pneumatic tires, the operator travels in comfort across the sometimes unpaved and uneven surfaces on our site! We have found the perfect solution in the 830 E from SENNEBOGEN for transporting freshly cut wood in a quick, environmentally friendly and efficient way," says Vernon Locke, manager of the Maryvale site in Australia. The long standing partnership between the Pedersen Group, SENNEBOGEN, and sales partner Pacific Materials Handling was also key to the purchase decision, Vernon Locke explains, "We know we can be certain of the quality we will get from the German manufacturer. Our other SENNEBOGEN machines have served us well over a number of years and we are delighted to have found a solution that works."

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