As an Oil & Gas enterprise with headquarters in Karachi, since 1953 Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. (PPL) has been pumping oil and gas at a volume that represents approximately 20% of the country's total production in the South Asian republic of Pakistan. The province of Baluchistan is in Southwest Pakistan. Here PPL pumps the valuable raw gas from the Sui gas field. At the end of 2013 a new SENNEBOGEN HPC 40 robust, truck-mounted crane was procured for lifting and service tasks. Thanks to the mobile truck chassis the crane is extremely flexible on the extensive site, able to work in rough terrain while moving quickly on the road. The SENNEBOGEN HPC 40 is equipped with a 30 m telescopic boom - the folding fly boom offers an additional reach of 13 m. The strong, dynamic slewing drive for fast load cycles is powered by a 91 kW diesel engine. During crane operations, the machine is extremely economical and consumes only approximately 3 l of diesel per hour. For reliability, the drive propulsion and crane propulsion are two separate systems. At Sui, spare parts and material are loaded onto trucks and removed from trucks with the HPC 40. Likewise the crane is used for all lifting activities and for maintenance tasks. For this the Crane has been equipped with a second 35 kN winch in order to work even more effectively.

The advantages of the mobile truck superstructure crane become evident when the task at hand is to reach the approximately 90 wellheads that extend over the Sui gas field, for service and maintenance. Thanks to the robust 3-axle chassis with 4-point outrigger support the machine is quickly available and stable on the site. The standard chassis is configured for high mileage, and it is extremely reliable with a long service life. The drive behavior corresponds to the drive behavior of standard trucks. For the operator the comfortable maXcab and an extensive lighting package offer an ideal overview of the crane's work area. Central measuring points enable easy and fast checking of the entire hydraulic system. The local Service Partner, AJCL is the competent, contact for regular service and maintenance on site.

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Pakistan Petroleum Ltd. uses a SENNEBOGEN HPC 40 for maintenance and unloading activity on the extensive gas field in the province Baluchistan.

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