Located on the Gulf of Izmit, the Turkish industrial town of Gebze Dilovası Diliskelesi is just a few kilometres away from Istanbul. This is where one of the largest steel companies in Turkey, Colakoglu Metalurji, has one of the steel works. Supplies need to be constantly replenished for continuous operation and many tons of steel products leave the plant each day. The plant's own port is therefore a major hub in this process. Scrap as a raw material is delivered to the steel plant by water and in trucks. A large proportion of the finished steel is then transported on by ship. So there's plenty of loading work at the port for the SENNEBOGEN 6200 crawler crane. Around 4,000 tons of scrap and 10,000 tons of steel rolls have to be loaded onto and unloaded from the waiting ships. Construction steel and slabs are lifted and positioned effortlessly on the ships in bundles of up to 30 t. Equipped with a 2x 200 kN heavy-load winch and rigid wide gauge undercarriage, the SENNEBOGEN 6200 HCC is ideally suited to the challenging tasks at the port.  Thanks to the powerful electric motor, the machine is not only environmentally-friendly and economical to run, but is also highly efficient. Smooth running, zero emissions and operation without refueling breaks are guaranteed. The electric version also offers longer maintenance intervals combined with the usual low service costs and long service life. Electricity supply boxes for the machines are located every 50 - 80 m at the Colakoglu Metalurji port. With its robust and powerful crawler chassis, the SENNEBOGEN 6200 HCC can be moved flexibly along the dock, offering a significant advantage over stationary or railbound solutions. A motor cable drum ensures that the supply cables are wound up safely.

For the driver, the spacious elevated Portcab cab not only offers ergonomic controls and a pleasant sense of space, but also provides an optimal overview of the work area with a floor window and excellent all-round visibility at all times - an important safety feature. The machine unloads ships up to 60,000 tons effortlessly with the 60 m boom. The drivers can switch between the orange peel grab for scrap to the load hook or C-grab depending on the goods to be handled. Steel rolls weighing up to 30 t can be lifted, and the SENNEBOGEN 6200 HCC also regularly handles bulky goods such as flat steel between 17 and 25 t. The simple and intuitive controls help the drivers during everyday operation and help to speed up the processes. The ideal machine was designed and realised for the customer in intensive consultation with the sales and service partner Forsen Machinery Services & Trading Inc. Forsen delivered the machine in December 2011 and provides regular service on-site.

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