At the cornerstone laying ceremony, the acting district administrator of the Schwandorf district, Joachim Hanisch, and Wackersdorf's mayor, Thomas Falter, recognized the loyalty and the bonds that the machine manufacturer has to the region. Almost 25 years to the day after deciding against a reprocessing facility and the step into an uncertain future, today both politicians are convinced that a company is better positioned in the region than ever before. This is primarily due to the pioneer, Erich Sennebogen Sr. who at the time was one of the first who dared to take the step to Wackersdorf, stated Falter. 


Together with Plant Manager, Alexander Scherer, Sennebogen, Hanisch, and Falter the cornerstone to conclude the ceremony. A cylinder with current documents, a set of coins, a newspaper, the current corporate brochure, and also a photo of employees was professionally immured in the cornerstone that weighs approximately 750 kg, with the hope that if it possible it would always be the cornerstone of a flourishing enterprise.


A spacious 1,200 m² uppercarriage welding shop will be built in the new steel construction hall. A separate painting area with wash bay and drying zone on a total of 550 m² is directly adjacent. Thus in the future the uppercarriages can be painted directly after they are welded. The new steel construction hall will be equipped with a modern welding gas extraction system with efficient heat recovery and hall crane systems with load bearing capacity up to 20 t. In the future, the large machines and special machines will be prepared for shipment In the second nave of the hall, in the new finishing area. Previously in some cases these machines, with operating weights up to 100 t, had to be setup and dismantled outdoors. A large storage area and office and break facilities round out the extension. The objective of the investment is to offload the previous assembly stations and processing stations, and to provide room for further expansion and more efficient work.


The new building's energy supply is ensured for the future through a modern wood-chip heating system and a large-area photovoltaic system. Thus over the long-term, the existing buildings on the Wackersdorf site can also be heated in manner that is carbon neutral.


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The cornerstone for further expansion of the SENNEBOGEN Group in Wackersdorf was laid jointly: Plant Manager Alexander Scherer, Mayor Thomas Falter, District Administrator, Joachim Hanisch, and CEO Walter Sennebogen lowered a cylinder with current documents.


Group photo of the entire staff in front of the construction site. The new production hall should be finished by the end of 2014.


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