In addition to wood as a raw material, Tamil Nadu News Print and Papers Ltd. mainly produces paper from sugar cane bagasse. The empty, pressed husks produced as waste when extracting the cane sugar contain up to 60% cellulose, making them the ideal base substance for producing paper. The Indian company is a global leader in this business sector, having capacity to produce  400,000 tons of paper products every year.

The SENNEBOGEN 821 Electro is deployed right at the start of the production chain. In addition to the sugar cane bagasse, the production process is supplied with wood via a chipper. Reliability and endurance are particularly crucial properties for the machine when it comes to fulfilling this application: Operations at TNPL run continuously for up to 20 hours every day; the chipper therefore needs to have a constant feed supply. Among the company's requirements, maximum system availability was top of the list — just one of the reasons behind the company's choice in favor of the 821 Electro as a reliable machine. The low maintenance requirements, high levels of stability and, above all, the efficient electric drive proved to be key criteria when making the decision. In particular, the operators praise the machine's simple operation and ease of access when it comes to performing maintenance work. The two 821 Electro machines are positioned on a 4-m high platform and have been configured to meet the customer's requirements in close cooperation with the local service and sales partner Forsenia Engineering Pvt Ltd. The machines are extremely efficient and quick, working at three cycles a minute, and thanks to the electric drive, stops to refuel are no longer necessary. Both the machines have worked for more than 15000 hours each. In recent years, TNPL has become the world's largest processor of bagasse and now exports paper, cardboard and cardboard packages to over 50 countries. In the SENNEBOGEN 821 Electro, the managers have opted in favor of an environmentally friendly and future-focused solution — a decision that is already paying off today thanks to low operating costs.

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