Recycling SENNEBOGEN 8130 EQ
26.04.2017 | Espenhain, Deutschland

Everything else than just old scrap! Modern recycling with electric drive always in balance

At their Espenhain site Scholz Recycling GmbH & Co KG recently introduced a SENNEBOGEN 8130 EQ in scrap recycling. The responsible people are impressed by the balance principle and are counting on the most modern technology for effective material handling for the most modern scrapyard in Germany.

Scrapyards are no longer what we remember from our childhood - adventure playgrounds with car wrecks and parts of machinery amongst which occasional bargain hunters look for cheap spare parts. Nowadays scrap is the number 1 recycling raw material. Every second ton of steel produced is already produced from recycled steel - a cycle without loss of value and quality - the perfect balance between old and new.

Visit to Espenhain near Leipzig - we are visiting one of the most modern and largest recycling centers in Germany. At this site the industry giant, Scholz Recycling, deals with approx. 40,000 t a month across 36 ha. There is no comparison with the small scrapyard, which developed from the former brown coal processing plant in 1990. The processing plant in Espenhain is very modern - a gigantic shredding facility with 3000 PS is the centerpiece of the raw material cycle. This is equipped with a SENNEBOGEN Balance material handler, which was delivered by the sales and service partner, Tecklenborg Baumaschinen GmbH, in December 2016. 


The special feature of the new SENNEBOGEN machine is not the petrol-blue color but rather the sophisticated balance principle, which, in combination with the environmentally friendly electric drive, saves up to 75% operating costs. The operating principle is very simple - thoughts of our childhood at the playground come to the forefront once more. A rocker is always perfectly balanced when a similar weight is placed on both sides. The longer the lever is on one side, the greater the counterweight must be to maintain the balance. The SENNEBOGEN 8130 EQ does just that. Using the coupled counterweight at the rear, the 27 m long equipment, together with the multi-shell grab, remain perfectly balanced in any position. The advantage: in material handling only the load in the grapple, here the scrap, must be moved - this saves energy and therefore this large machine only requires a comparatively small motor to the drive.


The 8130 is used as a stationary electric machine at Scholz and therefore saves twice as much. The environmentally friendly electric motor with an output of 130 kW offers even more advantages, as highlighted by operator Michael Chiemelski: "Thanks to the electric motor the machine has low vibrations and does not require a fuel stop. Additionally, the service intervals are longer than those of diesel machines. In short, the machine is simply more reliable to run and I am able to fully focus on my work."

Work - for the operator of the SENNEBOGEN 8130 EQ that means to load 20,000 t of scrap into the shredder every month and to stack the material produced into large piles. Every hour approx. 80 to 100 t of material is moved with this machine. The operators, who work in a 3-shift operation, have a optimal view of the work area from the comfortable and large master cab. Cameras and a comprehensive LED lighting system package provide further support.

Scholz are familiar with the balance principle, however the decision to purchase a new large-scale machine was not taken lightly, reports site manager, Mike Sommer. "SENNEBOGEN finally convinced us with an overall concept. The decision was based on a detailed competitor analysis, visits to customers in Germany and Turkey and finally also a visit to the production facility in Straubing. The sturdy design, a quick operating speed, high range as well as good energy balance were important deciding factors."

Sales and Service Partner, Tecklenborg Baumaschinen, handles the service and regular maintenance. 

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