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07.12.2015 | Torgau, Deutschland | Author: Florian Attenhauser

Compact material handler for the lumber mill: The new SENNEBOGEN 723 debuts at Hit Holz

The new SENNEBOGEN 723 E-series made its debut in the Saxon town of Torgau, near Leipzig, Germany. The compact material handler worked triple shifts on the sorting line and made its mark after just a few hours.

Since 1998, HIT Holzindustrie Torgau OHG has been producing pallets, lumber, milling products and wood bulk goods at its facility near Leipzig. The company relies on a complete production chain, from felling to the final product. The material handlers that take logs from along two sorting lines, unload incoming trucks and feed the saws are critical components of this production chain.


A new machine generation with 27 t operating weight and 11 m range 

Operators and supervisors were now able to get a closer look at the new generation of the 723 at work. The material handler is equipped with a modern 119 kW diesel engine in compliance with the latest Tier 4f emissions standard and has an operating weight of 27 t. With a range of 11 m, the SENNEBOGEN 723 quickly and safely takes the logs from the sorting bins and, with its two-stage all-wheel drive, distributes them across the sweeping premises for further processing. With a capacity of more than 800,000 solid cubic meters per year, the raw material is used to produce not only posts and slats for gardening and landscaping, but primarily pallets, with an output of approx. 20,000 per day.


Comfortable and safe work with the slewable uppercarriage, and compact design even in narrow passes

The material handlers in Torgau work virtually around the clock. The operators give the machines just 15 minutes of rest between shifts – a real endurance test of continuous use for the new model. This makes the reliability of every component critical, which was a top priority in the design of these material handlers. The undercarriage and uppercarriage are especially rugged, the travel drive and axles optimized for continuous operation, and the operator can reach all maintenance and service points safely and conveniently. An extensive travel drive guard, standard all-round protective grating on the cab, and a surrounding gallery protect man and machine in daily use.

With the launch of the 723 in the current E-series, the modern Maxcab comfort cab is being used in this machine class for the first time. From the 1.0 m rigidly elevated cab, the operator has an ideal overview of work area. Thanks to its compact size, with a 3.00 m width and a 2.52 m rear pivoting radius, the material handler can operate safely even in narrow passes. The continuously slewable uppercarriage and automatic travel direction detector not only speed up the process, they also provide maximum safety. Elaborate maneuvering is unnecessary, and the machine can stack up to 10 m on either side.

The staff at HIT Holz in the Saxon town of Torgau took a thorough look at the new SENNEBOGEN 723 during its debut – The result: a new generation for compact timber handling.

The new SENNEBOGEN 723 works reliably in timber handling at HIT Holz, whether on the sorting line, at the saw feed or in the log yard.

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