On a total harbor area of 191,000 m², as a service provider, IDC daily handles tons of bulk goods and piece goods in the harbor of the Turkish city, Izmir. Here the firm relies on its largest hydraulic material handling machine, the proven SENNEBOGEN 880 EQ. The well-designed Equilibrium concept of the SENNEBOGEN 880 EQ saves approximately one third of operating costs. The balanced counterweight keeps the main boom in balance and enables fast and fuel-saving work. Since 2008, daily 14,000 t of coal have been unloaded from the arriving ships, and loaded onto trucks from the intermediate storage facility. A 470 kW diesel engine ensures the power reserves necessary for the demanding continuous implementation.

With a range of 33 m and a maximum safe working load of 30 t, even the largest ships and heavy piece goods can be comfortably unloaded. Thanks to the stable crawler undercarriage, the machine can be used flexibly on the harbor site. With the operator cab placed 5 m forward, the floor window, and the excellent all-round view from the 1.5 m wide harbor cab, the operator always has his work area in view. The machine has been elevated an additional 7.2 m via a pipe-pylon. A total of nine headlights safely illuminate the work area at night. Equipped with an 8 m³ double shell grab the machine loads the arriving trucks in the shortest time possible. A complete cycle takes just one minute. The logistics service provider has been handling goods of all types at Nemrut Bay since 1983. For this, the company has been relying on the SENNEBOGEN material handling machines for some time. In this regard, for the customer, the robust design, a simple machine concept, and the highest level of reliability are the key arguments for the green machines. Forsen handles the regular on-site service as the Turkish Sales and Service Partner. Simple maintenance tasks can also be handled autonomously by the operator thanks to the easily accessible service space. The factory-provided special paint finish for maritime implementation protects against corrosion and preserves the components.

Image caption: At Izmir Harbor IDC loads up to 14,000 t of coal a day with a SENNEBOGEN 880 EQ. In this process the Equilibrium concept saves as much as 33% of operating costs as compared to conventional material handling devices.