Vasker-Plusz Kft, founded in 1989, procures scrap and recycling materials from Eastern Hungary and sorts and processes these materials at the Békés site, approximately 190 km east of Budapest. In the course of restructuring the scrapyard, the entire material flow on the site was reorganized. Previously the firm worked with several mobile material handling machines, now the firm relies on two stationary material handling machines from SENNEBOGEN. Equipped with a powerful 110 kW electric motor and special material handling kinematics, the machines are ideally equipped for charging the shredder system and for sorting and loading. A crucial design criterion for the machines was the low cost of operation offered by an electric power train, as compared to conventionally driven machines. The company plans to generate the energy required by the machines itself, directly on site with photovoltaic elements - an impressive example of the practical harmony of economy and ecology.

Designed with a stable 4-point underframe and 10 t ballasting, the two 825 machines are not only particularly stable, but thanks to a range of 14 m for each machine, they also cover an area of approximately 1,000 m². In this regard, one machine sorts and loads the material with a 600 l multi-shell grab, the second machine continuously charges the scrap metal shears and the shredder with a capacity of 25 t per hour.

For the operator the comfortable maXcab offers an ideal overview and an unobstructed view of the work area, thanks to the elevated position. In addition to robust design, and high reliability, the responsible persons particularly praise the easy accessibility for maintenance and service. The entire machine is elevated by 4 m with a mast, and two color cameras with a large monitor guarantee safe work. In addition, the perimeter galleries and railings offer unrestricted, safe access. According to the responsible persons, SENNEBOGEN is known in Hungary for its good quality and the fast service. With the Sales and Service Partner, Kuhn Rakodógép, the SENNEBOGEN specialists are quickly on site if there is a requirement.

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In the Hungarian town of Békés, Vasker-Plusz relies on two new SENNEBOGEN 825 Electro machines for logistics on the scrapyard.

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