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The SENNEBOGEN Foundation was founded in 2009 by the Sennebogen family of entrepreneurs, namely Erich Sennebogen Sr., Erich Sennebogen and Walter Sennebogen. Since then, the charitable project has focused on three key tasks.

Firstly, the focus is on the promotion of education and vocational training. Here, the Foundation supports institutions and people by providing money and material resources, as well as by awarding scholarships and prizes for special achievements  and commitment. This is accompanied by the promotion of academic training, which aims to support students and graduates in both manual and academic training. Finally, however, the founders also attach great importance to the individual support of groups of people  in need. This is reflected in many regional support projects.

The Foundation Board is led by Erich Sennebogen (left) and Walter Sennebogen (right).


SENNEBOGEN Foundation– doing good for 12 years

01 was given to the "Technik für Kinder e.V." association

Here, young people learn how to deal with technical issues in a playful way. The foundation has been supporting the association and its technology centers for a long time.

SENNEBOGEN Foundation– doing good for 12 years

02 Handing over the cheque to the Foundation

The business juniors in Straubing had enjoyed an amazing ball. The proceeds were donated to the SENNEBOGEN Foundation. Thank you very much!

SENNEBOGEN Foundation– doing good for 12 years

03 Floods in Lower Bavaria

After the flooding in Lower Bavaria in 2013, the largest donation to date of 100,000 euros helped hundreds of those affected without red tape. That is solidarity.

SENNEBOGEN Foundation– doing good for 12 years

04 Help for two- and four-legged friends

In 2021, the rescue dog team of the Bavarian Red Cross was delighted to receive a new emergency vehicle. The foundation contributed EUR 4,000.

SENNEBOGEN Foundation– doing good for 12 years

05 Donation to Don Bosco Kinderhaus, Straubing

The region in particular benefits from the Foundation’s donations. Maria Sennebogen (2nd from right) and Veronika Meier (2nd from left) hand over a donation to Don Bosco Kinderhaus in Straubing.

SENNEBOGEN Foundation– doing good for 12 years

06 Scholarships and training support

The Foundation supports young people through their academic and vocational education with scholarships and training funding.


SENNEBOGEN Foundation– doing good for 12 years

07 Employees support the foundation

SENNEBOGEN employees also support the Foundation. The proceeds from the annual Christmas tombola traditionally go to the foundation.

SENNEBOGEN Foundation– doing good for 12 years

08 Soup kitchen and Straubinger Tafel

Whether it’s a soup kitchen or Straubinger Tafel, the SENNEBOGEN Foundation also helps out at short notice in difficult times with its pragmatic emergency aid.

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