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    300 t Duty Cycle Crane

    Premiere at bauma 2016!



    Production has begun on a 300-t duty cycle crawler crane by SENNEBOGEN for premiere at bauma 2016

    The latest and largest duty cycle crawler crane by the crane manufacturer out of Lower Bavaria is slowly taking shape. Classified as a 300-t machine, the SENNEBOGEN 6300 has an impressive size and is arousing curiosity for its premiere at bauma 2016.

    Design and development of the new SENNEBOGEN 6300 duty cycle crawler crane are complete, and now the assembly personnel are up. The first machine has been in production in Straubing since the end of 2015. The largest SENNEBOGEN duty cycle crawler crane will be finished in time for bauma 2016 and celebrate its premiere in Munich. The size of the machine has already wowed visitors who came to a preview at the production plant in Straubing.

    Managing Director Erich Sennebogen said, "With the latest SENEBOGEN 6300, we are creating a duty cycle crawler crane that will surpass everything that has come before it. Every part has been designed for maximum durability, the base frame is solid steel to ideally absorb forces during continuous use, and we also spared no expense in high-quality, solid components. We are currently expanding our production areas in Plant 2 in order to have the organization required to process future orders."

    Even the transport dimensions promise great things. The huge duty cycle crawler crane measures an entire 12 m in length. The crawler tracks alone are 9.5 m long, with a track width of 6.8 m for stability and easy maneuverability. The green uppercarriage and solid counterweight plates bring the machine to a prestigious overall weight of 310 t. Just the uppercarriage weighs around 100 t and has to be transported to the trade fair in Munich on a low-bed trailer.

    Even for the experienced SENNEBOGEN production staff, these dimensions are a change of pace and pose a challenge to assembly.

    More than 60 years of experience in designing and developing duty cycle crawler cranes have gone into this project. The extreme hydraulic power in particular allows for demanding, dynamic use under extreme loads, for example in dredging, mining and special underground engineering operations. The proven SENNEBOGEN modular concept opens up versatile variants, such as an 80-m main boom that is available for use with lifting hooks. The 6300 duty cycle crawler crane, with hydraulic power up to 350 bar, a 2,000-l hydraulic tank and oversized hydraulic lines and valves, is also ideal as a drive unit for hydraulic attachments.


    It is now up to the assembly personnel in Production. The first of the new SENNEBOGEN 300 t duty cycle crawler cranes is currently in production in Straubing and is sparking interest in its first deployment.