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    Mobile port handling 

    880 Classic

    Sanegaon, India

    Mobile port handling: SENNEBOGEN 880 Classic in India

    In the Indian seaport of Sanegaon, the sales and service partner Forsenia Engineering Pvt. Ltd. was able to deliver a new SENNEBOGEN type 880 Classic material handling machine in June 2014. The customer, Esquire Shipping & Trading Pvt. Ltd., uses the machine for handling all bulk goods.

    To meet the increasing demands of modern material handling in the port of Sanegaon, the owners rely on a multi-functional material handling machine that outdoes the previous material handling material handler in terms of reach and capacity many times over.
    Fitted with 20 m long equipment, it can unload the arriving ships at any water level. Thanks to the mobile 4-axle, wide-gauge undercarriage, the SENNEBOGEN 880 Classic can be flexibly moved along the 200 m quay. Powered by an economical 570 kW diesel engine with eco mode and idle automation, the 880 primarily unloads coal with a 14 m³ double shell grab.

    Located approximately 100 km from Mumbai, and with good connections to rail and freeway, the port supplies a large trading area of the manufacturing sector in the provinces of Maharashtra and Karnataka. The port terminal, which is operated by a subsidiary, annually transships approximately 5 million tons of bulk goods - the lion's share of the work is performed by the new SENNEBOGEN 880 Classic.

    For the operator, the comfortable Maxcab with sliding door and armored glass floor window offers an ideal overview of the work area. The cab can be hydraulically elevated 3 m and hydraulically moved 2.60 m forward, and with an extensive surroundings camera system, nothing is concealed from the operator. In addition, a total of 11 LED headlights safely illuminate the work area. For use in ports, the SENNEBOGEN 880 was given a special varnishing for maritime climates; in addition, all cylinders are protected against saltwater with covers and coatings. As a sales and service partner, Forsenia handles regular service and is the local contact.

    Image caption: The Indian sales and service partner Forsenia Engineering Pvt. was able to deliver a new SENNEBOGEN 880 Classic to Esquire Shipping & Trading Pvt. Ltd.

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