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    Infrastructure project in Moscow: Crawler crane impresses in bridge construction

    Whoever has had the opportunity to drive a car in the Russian capital of Moscow during rush hour knows it: Numerous large infrastructure projects are underway around this metropolis. For the Russian company Mostotrest, which specializes in bridge and road construction, this means a lot of work – also involving a SENNEBOGEN 3300 crawler crane.

    Moscow is the fourth most traffic-jam-packed large city in the world and is even the second most traffic-jam-packed city in Europe, after Istanbul. According to a study by the navigation system manufacturer TomTom, the average delay is around 50 percent. It quickly becomes clear how urgently infrastructure projects and new traffic junctions are needed there. One of these is the west-east connection of the city center via a new expressway route. A SENNEBOGEN 3300 crawler crane is used for the numerous lifting tasks around the construction project. In the current construction phase, a multi-lane urban highway is being created that is elevated on stilts and is to relieve the existing road network. In the future, traffic is intended to roll into the megacity on several road levels. The concept includes numerous grade-separated exits as well as the expansion of the Moscow Ring Motor Road. The entire reinforced concrete structure will have a road length of over 3,000 m, including all exits. In addition, there is a lot of supporting and foundation work to get the Molodogvardeiskaya expressway into shape for the future.

    120 t crawler crane for lifting tasks and as a pick & carry crane

    The machine, which was delivered and is handled by the sales and service partner Kwintmadi, is equipped with a 48 m long main and fly boom with working heights of up to 74 m. During the three-year construction period, the reliable crawler crane lifted hundreds of precast concrete parts weighing tons and quickly became an indispensable helper at the construction site. The 3300 crawler crane is equipped with a powerful 186 kW diesel engine that reliably drives the two 120 kN winches. The sensitive control and high rope speeds make the crawler crane a precise helper. The machine can be driven on the crawler chassis in so-called pick & carry operation even under load.

    The responsible sales and service partner, Kwintmadi, ensures a reliable supply of replacement parts and handles regular servicing on site.

    Image caption:
    The Russian company Mostotrest relies on a SENNEBOGEN 3300 for assembling bridge components in Moscow.

    Group photo on site: Site manager Aleksei Astrahantsov, Irina Kletchuck (Kwintmadi), and crane operator Eduard Korashkov.