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  • Dredging with clamshell and duty cycle crane
  • Coastal Protection with duty cycle crane and orange peel grab
  • Dredging of shipping routes with SENNEBOGEN 835 R
  • Dredging elastic bearing material handler
  • Dredging with backhoe excavator
  • Dredging and shore protection with backhoe equipment
  • dredging of inland waters
  • Dredging Material handler equipped with clamshell grab
  • Placing sheet pile walls for shore protection
  • placing stones for coastal protection with balance material handler
  • placing stones for coastal protection with balance material handler
  • coastal protection with orange peel grab
  • Placing stones and seawalls for coastal protection with duty cycle crane
  • Dredging with dragline excavator

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    Civil Engineering

    Dredging / Coastal Protection

    Material Handler and Duty Cycle Crane for Dredging and Coastal Protection

    For dredging on the high sea or inland waters and for coastal protection SENNEBOGEN offers various Duty Cycle Cranes and Material Handlers - Individually concepted for your demands.

    Areas of use

    • Dredging and fortifying waterways with big ship-mounted excavators
    • Use of proper oil/media for underwater use
    • powerful machines even for operating in inclined position
    Ausbaggern von Hafenbecken mit Seilbagger ausgestattet mit Zweischalengreifer
    • Dredging deep docks with Duty Cycle Cranes and proper clamshell- and orange peel grabs
    • Lifting and placing stones and other heavy barriers
    • Dredging of mud and other sediments
    Dredging-Arbeiten mit Tieflöffelausrüstung, Donau
    • Dredging with mobile or crawler excavator from a pontoon
    • Dredging of shipping routes with backhoe equipment
    • Placing sheet pile walls and other fortification works
    Küstenbefestigung mit SENNEBOGEN Seilbagger
    • Coastal protection with ship-mounted duty cycle cranes equipped with orange peel grabs and tagline winches
    • Placing rocks and breakwaters for coastal fortificaton
    Küstenbefestigung mit Balance Umschlagbagger
    • Coastal Protection with EQ Balance Material Handler with stone walls and breakwaters
    • Hydraulic Excavators with up to 40 m reach, suitable for under water use