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Dredging and coastal fortification Wide range of solutions with our duty cycle crane range

Dredging and coastal fortification

For dredging on the high sea or inland waters and for coastal protection, SENNEBOGEN offers a wide range of duty cycle cranes - individually concepted and designed for your demands.


130 t duty cycle crane SENNEBOGEN 6130 dredging


  • Dredging deep docks with Duty Cycle Cranes and proper clamshell- and orange peel grabs for the dredging of port basins even with large depth
  • Lifting or placing of rocks and other heavy barriers
  • Dredging of mud and other sediments

Dredging / coastal fortification pictures

Videos of dredging / coastal fortification in action

SENNEBOGEN 6100 HD Crawler - River bank restoration with clamshell grab

06 Aug 2021

The SENNEBOGEN 6100 E was designed for dynamic and demanding applications, such as here for soil backfilling to create a near-natural…


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