Training workshop

First-class training

Modern training workshops

Training workshop

For our industrial apprentices, we have set up training workshops fully equipped as per the latest standards in which you will be trained for practical work and can step up your theoretical knowledge in the associated classrooms.

  • In our training workshop, you will learn the fundamental contents of the profession at the beginning of your apprenticeship and will gain important mechanical or mechatronic skills such as lathe-turning, milling, drilling and soldering.
  • Intensive support from our instructors and top environmental conditions for vocational school and work on machines
  • Optimal preparation for practical final examinations
  • Manufacture of parts for production

After your time in the training workshop, you will get to know further departments in production (such as undercarriage construction, component pre-assembly, stationary assembly, acceptance, finish, etc.).   

Trainees in action

Beyond that, our trainees can also put their skills to the test in special projects.  

Historical machines

01 Restoration of historical machines for the Erich Sennebogen Museum

Trade fair model

02 Build trade fair models at a scale of 1:15

03 Replica of a port material handler as controllable LEGO model