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Grabs and Attachments

    SENNEBOGEN Mehrschalengreifer Schrottumschlag


    SENNEBOGEN offers for its material handlers also an individual attachment for each bulk material (orange peel grabs, clamshells, timber grabs, magnet grabs and sorting grabs). In practice, the grabs are satisfying with capacities from 400 l up to 5,000 l especially through optimized hydraulic, long-life cycles and various options from endless rotary device with electrical feedthrough over smart detecting devices up to additional shackles for customized solutions.

    Quick changing devices

    Six different quick changing devices are available for the SENNEBOGEN material handling machines. The scope starts with simple quick change couplings and extends to ingenious automatic change devices MultiTool and VarioTool. 


    For more flexibility there are further attachments available, like loading hook, grab extension and scrap magnets.



    Overview of all Models

    Orange peel grab SGM Orange peel grab SGM 4-shells
    Clamshell SGZ Clamshell SGZ Clamshell
    Timber grab SGH Timber grab SGH Timber grab SGH
    Sorting grab SGR Sorting grab SGR Sorting grab SGR
    Quick changing devices Quick changing devices quick change coupling
    mech./hydr. coupling device
    mech. quick change mounting bracket
    Attachment possibilities at the ULM
    fully-hydr. change device at the ULM
    Vario Tool
    Loading hook Loading hook type LH
    type DKS-LH
    Type LH WA
    Grab extension Grab extension Grab extension
    Scrap magnets Scrap magnets magnet plates
    magnet generators

    More capacity with the right attachment

    The right combination of material handler and attachment results in a clear plus when it comes to handling performance.



    Due to our decades-long experience we can provide well-advised support in order to choose the ideal attachments for you.