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    Fleet management for material handlers and cranes


    SENtrack: Fleet management for material handlers and cranes

    Fleet management from your desk with SENtrack

    With the introduction of its own SENtrack telemetry system, SENNEBOGEN offers a convenient, central platform for monitoring machine data worldwide, locating positions and for the effective planning of maintenance. The system will be able to provide in real-time the status of the machine, offering maintenance personnel and machine supervisors an attractive user interface for fleet management.

    Übersicht der Maschinendaten im SENtrack Flottenmanagement

    Machinery data at a glance

    With a custom login, machine supervisors can easily track all SENNEBOGEN machines, automatically view maintenance intervals and easily plan servicing in coordination with SENNEBOGEN sales and service partners. For example, the SENtrack system can display a visual notification when maintenance is due, immediately query the machine's status, send the location to the service technician and review the machine's key operating data.

    Ortungssystem im SENtrack Flottenmanagement

    Monitor locations and routes

    The system provides an overview of all machinery that is especially beneficial to rental park owners. The dispatcher also quickly gains an overview of capacity utilization. Thanks to GPS, daily routes can be tracked on the premises, e.g., a wood processing plant, allowing them to be optimized. In terms of hardware, the SENtrack module consists of a GSM and GPS antenna and a control unit in the uppercarriage of the machine that transmits the data via the cellular network. The user can conveniently access and analyze the data online. In the near future, new machines will have the option of being equipped with the system at the factory, while a retrofit kit is currently available from Customer Service for existing machines.