SENNEBOGEN 8240 E Balancer material handler / Material handler for port handling Port
Balance material handler SENNEBOGEN 8240 / 8320 EQ

Technical data:

Maximum reach
up to 27 / 32 / 36 / 40 m
Electric engine
315 kW

Material handler with maximum efficiency

Thanks to the intelligent balancer principle you can significantly reduce your energy costs: whether in the port handling bulk and general cargo, at the scrap yard, or at steel or timber works, with the 8240 and 8320 EQ balancer models you get reach and power combined. In stationary mode, depending on the model and boom mountings selected, they cover a work area of 3,140 bis 5,025 m².

SENNEBOGEN 8240 EQ Balance material handler for port handling and scrap handling pictogram

8240/8320 EQ Specifications on request


Your advantages

8240/8320 EQ EQ principle Equilibrium Balance material handler

The EQ principle: efficient, effective, simple

  • Center of gravity is always balanced over the midpoint of the slewing ring
  • Counterweight moves coupling bar forwards or backwards with minimal energy expenditure
  • Work with just 50 % of the installed capacity compared with conventional machines thanks to intelligent power distribution
  • Smaller engine size and hydraulic components required: Energy costs 50 % lower than those of traditional material handling solutions
8240/8320 EQ Reach Balance material handler

Extensive reach

  • One solution for multiple tasks: loading / unloading trucks, sorting, feeding systems
  • Depending on equipment: stationary machine can cover an effective work area of 3,140 to 5,025 m²
  • The mobile version increases the work area to wherever the vehicle can access
  • Equipment lengths: 27, 32, 36 m and 40 m (8320 EQ) available
Balance material handler 8240/8320 EQ low maintenance Power Pack Engine compartment

Simple, low-maintenance design

  • Walk-on power pack with all hydraulic and engine components
  • Clearly arranged connections in the engine compartment
  • Excellent access to the cab and engine compartment thanks to the precision-fit platforms and railings


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