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    Compact Duty Cycle Crane

    SENNEBOGEN introduces new design for duty cycle crane for well builders and mobile pipe work

    Compact, multifunctional application and assembled faster than any other duty cycle crane before – by introducing the new SENNEBOGEN 624, the machine manufacturer opened a new category: a duty cycle crane based on the idea of "You-call-we'll-be-there" and designed for water engineering and well construction or pipe installation.

    If numerous holes must be drilled at short intervals, or if the work must be accomplished in tight spaces, a small and flexible duty cycle crane is ideal. In the fall of 2016, SENNEBOGEN will introduce the new 624. A compact basic unit that is quickly available for the installation to piping machines and for rope operations. The new machine will be referred to as "taxi" duty cycle crane and uses a foldable box-type boom that can be assembled into its transport position in three simple steps. 

    Foldable boom safes time and space 

    This simple technology makes it possible to have the crane ready in only a few minutes. The operator requires only a few steps to have the machine ready, operated it, and subsequently load the machine back onto the truck. This allows the machine not only to be employed in the tightest spaces, but it can also be transported very fast from one construction site to the next. During the transport, the boom is folded next to the cab and alongside the uppercarriage. This saves time and space during the assembly. The boom can be extended to a maximum length of 19 m. Two 6 t free-fall winches in the uppercarriage provide the necessary tractive force. The individually adjustable free-fall brake makes the operation simple and easy.

    Duty cycle crane with an operating weight of less then 30 t – Mobile variant or crawler drive

    With an operating weight of 27 t and a design that qualifies it to be use as a full-fledged duty cycle crane, the new SENNEBOGEN 624 is remarkable in its performance class under 30 t – a unique characteristics that opens a multitude of potential applications.In the future, two variants of the undercarriage will be available for the new SENNEBOGEN 624. The robust crawler undercarriage provides maximum stability and maneuverability in any terrain. The variant with tires and outriggers, for example, can easily be used for pipe installations in the downtown area. The 27 t duty cycle crane of the compact class will also be used in the future to close the gap in water engineering applications. Due to its low operating weight, the machine can be easily installed on pontoons or barges and employed for all types of water conservation applications and maintenance tasks for which, for instance, hooks or rope graps are required.The new Multicab 2 offers the crane operator a comfortable work place that complies with the highest ergonomic requirements. In addition to a new interior design, the cab also has a concave windshield for an optimum front view and a hinged rear window. An air conditioning system and a modern comfort seat including adjustable control elements are also standard features of the 624.The new development has been approved for an immediate global launch.

    It only takes three simple steps to move the box-type boom from its working position into a folded transport position. Its compact dimensions and an operating weight of 27 t, make this "taxi" duty cycle crane in particular suitable for pipe installations as well as for well construction and water engineering applications.