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    SENNEBOGEN 643: New telescopic crane in the E-series

    Reissued as part of the E-series for 2017, SENNEBOGEN is proud to present the telescopic crane 643 both as a mobile version and with a crawler chassis. With a 40 t load capacity and the tried-and-tested Full-Power Boom, the telescopic crane now comes with a redesigned cab and engines that comply with Tier 4 emissions standards.

    With more than 20 years of experience with mobile and crawler telescopic machines, SENNEBOGEN has successfully established itself on the international market. Around the world, customers from the construction industry and crane rental sector trust the reliability of SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes. The SENNEBOGEN 643 has already proved to be a versatile go-to for structural engineering and bridge construction around the world in the previous series.

    Maximum flexibility on site: SENNEBOGEN Full-Power Boom

    In both versions – mobile and crawler – the machine comes with a 129 kW diesel engine with 4f emission standards and up to two hydraulically driven 35 kN winches, with winching speeds up to 95 m/min.

    The boom of the SENNEBOGEN 643 can be continuously extended and retracted over a length of 30 m. As with all machines in this series, it is also designed as a Full-Power Boom. This highly robust, maintenance-free system allows for continuous extending and retracting and is always friction-locked. The machine can be set to any desired boom length variably and quickly via joystick. This saves time and allows effective working. SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes are quick and agile at any length and are particularly suitable for varying boom lengths.

    Large operating range: Variable use with mobile and crawler undercarriages

    With its mobile undercarriage and all-wheel drive, the crane can move safely and flexibly on hard-surfaced roads at speeds of up to 20 km/h. Even in rough terrain, the telescopic crane impresses with its excellent maneuverability thanks to the telescopic crawler undercarriage.

    This means that the machine can even be driven at full load. It can operate on inclines of up to 4°. At just 3 m wide, the extendable crawler tracks save space during transport and can be extended to a support width of up to 4.50 m when in use. The 5.34 m long crawler tracks with optional base plates up to 800 mm wide ensure low ground pressure and optimal stability. 

    Maximum driver comfort in the new Multicab

    The redesigned Multicab comfort cab with automatic air conditioning and optimized sound insulation offers the crane operator a comfortable working environment. The flexibly mounted comfort seat is shock-absorbent and can be adjusted individually for each operator according to weight. The all-round glazing in safety glass combined with the large roof window and adjustable windshield provides the best possible view when working. And to optimize the view upward as well, the Multicab can be tilted up to 15° as standard. An optional hydraulic cab elevator and standard camera system also improve the overview of the work area.

    SENNEBOGEN presents its overhauled 40 t telescopic crane in both mobile and crawler versions. The SENNEBOGEN 643 E-series comes with a 30 m continuously telescopic boom and a new Multicab operator cab.