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    Timber handling in non-stop operation: Stella-Jones goes for SENNEBOGEN 818 material handlers

    Handling nearly a million railroad ties each year, the Stella-Jones site in Bangor, Wisconsin is about as specialized as a wood yard can be. When Division Manager Liz Russell went shopping for a new material handler, it just made sense to acquire a machine that’s as specialized as the job – the solution was the SENNEBOGEN 818 E-series.

    Bangor is one of 14 Stella-Jones locations in North America that produce railroad ties. The facility receives untreated crossties and switch ties from sawmills across the Midwest and then trims the ends, adds end plates to prevent splitting and separates them by length, grade and species. After drying, the crossties are treated with creosote and bundled for shipping. 

    SENNEBOGEN LLC supplied four mobile SENNEBOGEN 818 E material handlers via the American dealer Roland Machinery, which are moving, placing and sorting the ties across the entire site. The Bangor staff took the 818s to the next level with a few customized features. The first upgrade was to fit the machines with Stella-Jones’ specialized grapple, developed over years of experience. As Maintenance Supervisor Rick Magnuson explains, “This grapple allows us to knife through ice and snow so we can handle the ties in the winter. It lets us use the material handlers instead of forklifts to move the stacks of ties. The SENNEBOGEN 818 E is equipped with a 132 kW diesel engine, four-wheeled mobile undercarriage and an 9 m equipment and convinces with reliability and flexibility.

    "When we show up in the morning, we know the SENNEBOGENs are going to operate all day," Russell said confidently. "We run two, nine-hour shifts, and we are moving 3,000 to 4,000 lb. (1,361 to 1,814 kg) loads of crossties approximately 5,000 times per shift, so reliability is very important to us. The reputation of both SENNEBOGEN and Roland Machinery made it an easy choice to go with the 818s."

    At Stella-Jones’ rail tie facility in Bangor, WI, SENNEBOGEN 818 material handlers help ensure that the 140-acre site runs smoothly and efficiently. “They are moving all of the time," said Division Manager Liz Russell. "Our operators are either loading or unloading ties for the entire 18 hours a day.”