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    730 Mobile HD

    SENNEBOGEN 730 MHD in continuous operation at Holzwerke Pröbstl

    Holzwerke Pröbstl is a highly successful family firm based at Asch in Upper Bavaria's Fuchstal valley has been operating in the woodworking sector for over 60 years. With a sawing volume of some 600,000 fm, this high-tech plant ranks among the top 15 saw mills. It offers a wide range of products from sawn timber, through three-layer boards, duo beams and planed wood to pellets. Holzwerke Pröbstl employs a total workforce of some 180 people, based both at the HQ in Asch and a production plant at Schliersee.

    Helmut Pröbstl, the owner of the firm, is an entrepreneur with an eye to the future and has invested profits from previous years in developing the business. A new state-of-the-art saw mill for so-called large dimension timber was commissioned only last November. It is responsible for processing logs with diameters between 55 - 125 cm under optimum work conditions. This new large dimension line was one of the reasons prompting investment in a new SENNEBOGEN 730 M-HD. Pröbstl has already used a SENNEBOGEN 821 for presorting roundwood for some years, in addition to an 825 functioning as a general-purpose machine. The high level of satisfaction with both SENNEBOGEN machines among management and machine operators alike soon persuaded the company to also opt for a 730 M-HD to handle roundwood. The SENNEBOGEN 7 Series is specially designed to perform pick-and-carry operations and to cater for the requirements of the woodworking industry.
    This is also confirmed by production manager Helmut Huber and machine operator Martin Peter: "The 730 is a powerful and robust transport machine which is very easy to manoeuvre. Its speed is first-rate! It's great fun working with this machine. It functions perfectly: everything is in the right place, and you can find what you want right away" – this was the verdict of the operator. The machine has proved to be extremely useful thanks to the wide reach of 11m, compact dimensions and flexibility in the yard thanks to full 360° rotation of the upper structure. The long wheelbase and broad-gauge axles ensure excellent stability even on difficult terrain while the elevated driver's cab and rear-coupled boom result in optimum visibility.

    For the production manager the economic and technical aspects are a priority. "We are very satisfied with machine consumption. All service and maintenance parts can be accessed by our operators quickly and simply. The noise level of the machine is also nice and low. When you get down from the SENNEBOGEN 730 after an 8-hour shift, you almost feel as if you've had a rest", comments Helmut Huber. The expert assistance provided by SENNEBOGEN sales and service partner Fischer und Schweiger GmbH from Wertingen is also much appreciated. "There's no problem in getting hold of the technicians and in many cases, they can offer help just over the phone. You don't come across that very often nowadays. As a customer you notice the company sets great store by training and skilled staff. As we no longer have vehicles standing round spare, machine reliability and optimum service are crucial", remarks production manager Huber. The new machine is used for continuous operation in 3 shifts, supplying the saw mills with approx. 2,500 fm/day, including some 350 fm for the new large dimension line. Equipped with a 1.75 m² grab, the machine copes with a maximum workload on a daily basis, mastering these requirements efficiently and with aplomb.