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  • SENNEBOGEN 6113 telescopic crawler crane for special civil engineering

    Civil Engineering

    Telescopic Crane 6113


    Unloading - Transporting - Placing: The flexibilitiy of the 120t Telescopic Crane is impressive

    The Gollwitzer Company has become an internationally renowned and reliable partner in the special excavation work branch. During the construction of a 90 m stormwater reservoir in the German town of Neumarkt, the company successfully employed a 120 t telescopic crane, the SENNEBOGEN 6113.

    The pre-cast concrete components that the crane operators Roland Schiener and Axel Tilch manipulate with the hook of his telescopic crane are truly gigantic – they weigh up to 32 t and are 4 m wide, and they are installed piece by piece into an underground sewer overflow system. To do this, you need a giant as well: The SENNEBOGEN 6113 telescopic crane is the right choice, it has a maximum load capacity of 120 t and a boom range of 40 m. While suspended from the crane's hook, the construction elements must be moved 25 m. The crawler undercarriage makes it possible to use the telescopic crane not only to lift the load safely but also move, extend and retract the load suspended on the hook with ease.

    Civil engineering experts

    The success story of the Gollwitzer family enterprise starts already in 1955 with the establishment of the granite factory Floß and, since 1979, Gollwitzer continues its business in the local region as earth-moving, demolition, road construction, and sewage tunnel building company. This special expertise is also in great demand in the town of Neumarkt. After all, not only is the magnitude of the underground sewer overflow system formidable. Later on, the 90 m long conduit, which is installed underneath the road pavement, will be able to contain almost 1000 m³ of water during heavy rainfalls. The use of these construction elements requires special skills of the crane operator and a powerful crane that can be manoeuvred even in the tightest spaces.

    "We had no problem to go with a SENNEBOGEN telescopic crane again. Why? Because when it comes to flexibility, load capacity, and handling, this crane meets all our requirements", explains construction supervisor Josef Scherer. He indicated that the machine was leased from the sales and service partner IBS Industrie- und Baumaschinen Service GmbH for this specific operation. Especially due to the bottleneck this operation causes on the town's main road and along adjacent buildings, the alternative would only be a large mobile crane. However, call-out fees and lack of flexibility would make this choice unfavorable. "Firstly, the use of the telescopic crane lets us unload the construction components; secondly, the crawler's drives allows for a save transport to the excavation site, and thirdly, the components can be placed precisely where we need to put them". explains Scherer.

    Easy self-assembly system for crawler crane

    Crane operators Roland Schiener, Axel Tilch and construction supervisor Josef Scherer are also impressed by the ease of operation and the simple assembly of the crane. Thanks to the removable and telescopic crawler drives, the crane can unload itself from the flatbed truck and proceed with its self-assembly procedure. The counterweight is assembled in a few steps and mount itself as well. Thus, the 120 t telescopic crane is ready for operation in the shortest amount of time. Needless to say, the transport with the flatbed truck is also straightforward. Another advantage: Especially where space is tight, the width of the crawler drive can be varied and the outriggers are adjustable from 6.30 m to 3.90 m. 


    "The SENNEBOGEN 6113 telescopic crane is easy to operate and to set up quickly. Its flexibility has been tried and test on the construction site – just the right equipment for our special applications in civil engineering". Roland Schiener and Josef Scherer – The Gollwitzer Group of Companies 


    Highest flexibility in the tightest spaces with high load capacity: Gollwitzer uses the SENNEBOGEN 120 t telescopic crawler crane to build an underground sewer overflow system with concrete construction components weighing 30 t.