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    613 Mobile

    Dillingen, Germany

    Flexible implementation at the construction site: SENNEBOGEN 613 Mobile Telescopic Crane at Barbian

    The construction company Barbian, headquartered in Wadern, in the German Federal State of Saarland, is a firm with a long civil engineering and industrial construction tradition. For the first time, the company is now relying on a telescopic crane from SENNEBOGEN. Sales and Service Partner HSB was able to deliver the new 613 mobile crane in mid 2014.

    The company has been family-owned for more than 225 years, and has established itself as a competent partner in the areas of civil engineering and industrial construction over generations. Recently a new telescopic crane from SENNEBOGEN has been added to the modern machinery in operation. With a maximum reach of 24 m and safe working loads to 16 t, in the future the new 613 Mobile will be a reliable helper on the many construction sites. The first deployment of the machine is in Dillingen/Saar, where construction of an extension of a recycling company's facilities using prefabricated concrete components is underway.

    The prefabricated concrete components weigh up to 5 t and must be placed by the telescopic crane with millimeter precision. In this application the 613 M really shows its strengths. The telescopic crane is driven by a powerful 91 kW diesel engine and has a hoisting winch with 35 kN tensile force. With comfortable safe working loads and compact dimensions, the crane is also easy to handle in confined spaces. In this case, between truck and the walls of the building, there are only a few meters for maneuvering. However, thanks to the all-wheel drive and all-wheel steering, this poses no problem. With a length of just 4.78 m and a transport width of 2.55 m, the telescopic crane is always flexibly maneuverable and can be easily transported with a low-bed trailer. The machine can also drive short distances itself, thanks to its approval for road use. The factory standard comfortable elevating Multicab offers the operator an ideal overview of his work area. This is an important safety criterion, particularly when unloading the large concrete parts and for tasks at height.

    For CEO Gerd Barbian, who has been at the head of the company since 2008, in addition to the machine's capacity data, the good support and consulting from Sales and Service Partner HSB GmbH were the key purchase criteria. Barbian praises proximity to the end customer, the nationwide service network, as well as the customer-oriented SENNEBOGEN support, and looks forward to a continuation of the successful collaboration. 

    Statement: "The SENNEBOGEN 613 M is convincing through its high safe working load and compact dimensions - this is precisely what we need for the daily handling of prefabricated construction elements. We can rely on the excellent support from SENNEBOGEN and the service network of the local sales and service partner HSB GmbH." CEO Gerd Barbian, construction company Barbian

    Caption: The construction firm Barbian deploys a new SENNEBOGEN 613 M in Dillingen in the German Federal State of Saarland for erection of a precast concrete hall.