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  • 2-way telescopic crane SENNEBOGEN 643

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    SENNEBOGEN 643 2-Way telescopic crane


    A versatile 2-way telescopic crane: Dematec delivers SENNEBOGEN 643 to England

    For the fifth time, Dutch equipment supplier Dematec successfully designed a SENNEBOGEN telescopic crane as a 2-way machine for rail operation. In close cooperation with SENNEBOGEN and construction equipment dealer Kuiken, a rail variant of crane model 643 was recently developed for the maintenance and service of England's railroad network.

    To Maarten Schut and Derk Hill, both Managing Directors at Dematec Equipment BV, there was no question that only a SENNEBOGEN telescopic crane could be used for their project, a service crane for a rail network operator in England. Both report that cooperating with Dutch dealer Kuiken and SENNEBOGEN had already been an excellent experience in the past. While SENNEBOGEN delivered the 40 t mobile telescopic crane, the rail undercarriage was developed in close cooperation by Dematec. The result: a versatile mobile 2-way crane that can be utilized on rails as well as on the road. In England, the telescopic crane with its 30 m long boom will be used to erect pylons along the railway, to assist during bridge construction or install power supply lines, among various other tasks.

    While operating as a rail vehicle, the Hi-Rail technology makes moving loads of up to 17 t a safe undertaking. The standard design of the cab allows it to be tilted 15 degrees. This feature provides the machine operator with the best possible view of the work area. The machine is powered by a 128-kW diesel engine. In the unlikely event of an engine failure, an auxiliary engine ensures that the machine can be moved off the track. An integrated trailer coupling allows the machine to tow the necessary rail cars loaded with supply materials. The entire Hi-Rail technology was developed by Dematec especially for SENNEBOGEN cranes. In particular, the simple and robust superstructure of the SENNEBOGEN cranes provides the perfect base for the conversion of the machine to a specialized crane, explain Schut and Hill while they are already looking forward to the next project.

    Statement: "The cooperation between Kuiken and SENNEBOGEN is perfect. The SENNEBOGEN 643 M is a solid machine with first-class components.  The concept of this 2-way crane with a capacity of 17 t and a 30-m boom for this application is simply unique". Dematec managing Director Maarten Schut

    Deployed as a 2-way crane in England: A SENNEBOGEN 643 designed for rail operation in cooperation with Dematec and Kuiken for load capacities of up to 17 t.