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    Scrap Handling


    Hohenkammer, Germany

    Multifunctional material handler – fit for any job with either scrap metal shears or multi-shell grab

    With his SENNEBOGEN 825, operator Martin Tausch can make a quick choice between the multi-shell grab or the scrap metal shears at any time. The material handler is equipped with a quick-action coupler that makes it a highly flexible and multifunctional tool. It is used to handle scrap at the yard of customer Schenker in Hohenkammer.

    As a certified disposal specialist, Schenker Industrie- und Städtereinigungs GmbH takes care of the disposal and recycling of waste and all kinds of raw materials. The family-owned company is located in Southern Bavaria. It has been a reliable business partner for 40 years, operating their own recycling facilities and value-added chains. Every month around 15,000 tons of material are handled and recycled at the Hohenkammer site, including approx. 5,000 tons of scrap metal, paper, waste wood, plastics and other recycling materials.A total of four SENNEBOGEN material handlers are used for material sorting, yard logistics and, in particular, loading the processing plants. The latest piece of machinery is a SENNEBOGEN 825, which, thanks to its special handling equipment, can be used with a multi-shell grab and 3-ton scrap metal shears as well.

    Swapping attachments from the cab – without effort
    The SENNEBOGEN 825 was delivered by sales and service partner Fischer & Schweiger at the end of 2016. It is equipped with a 6.8-m boom and a 3.2-m grab handle with quick-action coupler to provide a reach of 10 meters. The different attachments can be exchanged easily from the cab. Schenker uses both an original SENNEBOGEN multi-shell grab with a 2.1 m short handle for material handling and the already existing 3-ton Zato shears.

    To managing director Thomas Schenker, the advantages of this custom solution are obvious: "Depending on requirements, we can simply switch between the two attachments. The shears allow us to trim large steel beams and pipes for subsequent processing right after delivery. The material handler with the grab can be used for loading and sorting tasks around the entire yard wherever needed. With this setup, we can reliably perform two tasks with just one machine".

    Flexible use on company premises – no problem

    The actual material handler is a SENNEBOGEN 825 with all-wheel-drive undercarriage, a 129-kW diesel engine and an elevating cab with a standard lift of 2.70 m. At the Hohenkammer site, work has to be done at frequently changing locations, so any solution has to be ultimately flexible. For example, the SENNEBOGEN 825 fitted with shears is used for preparatory work at the large 2000-HP shredder. At other occasions, the machine is used on short call to feed the processing plant or sort material using the multi-shell grab. Quickly responding to demand is no problem because attachments can be swapped in only a few minutes.

    "We were looking for a truly multifunctional machine, and found it in the SENNEBOGEN 825", says a delighted Thomas Schenker. Once again, SENNEBOGEN has been able to impress with a straightforward solution. Schenker has been highly satisfied with the reliable SENNEBOGEN machines for many years. "Up to now, we have been more than satisfied. The contact is very personal, and the service provided by sales and service partner Fischer & Schweiger is excellent."

    Captions: Scrap metal shears or multi-shell grab: Thanks to the ULM kinematics and quick-action coupler, the SENNEBOGEN 825 can be used for the most diverse jobs around the scrapyard.Convinced by the benefits of the multifunctional SENNEBOGEN 825 at Schenker Industrie- und Städtereinigungs GmbH: Armin Stark (Fischer & Schweiger), operator Martin Tausch and managing director Thomas Schenker.