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    Our recommended machines for 

    Scrap Handling / Steel Mills

    Plant engineering / Offshore

    High availability is particularly important in offshore use as the next service is often days away. With tried and tested technology and years of experience SENNEBOGEN cranes have been proven to be very reliable over the years, including in offshore use.

    All SENNEBOGEN crawler cranes and crawler telescopic cranes can be operated under load and are perfectly suited for flexible use in plant engineering. Furthermore, the self-assembly systems and compact transport dimensions make it easier to switch between locations.  


    • Assembly and service tasks
    • Lifting work when maintaining and servicing production equipment
    • Positioning the load on the ship
    • Loading and unloading offshore supply ships

    Job site report

    • Wind power installation
    • Concrete component installation
    • Unloading components of the wind power plant

    Job site report

    • Industrial plants
    • Maintenance tasks
    • Lifting and service tasks
    • Loading activities

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