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  • SENNENBOGEN 718 E-Serie Holzernte Seilkranaufarbeitung Österreich
  • SENNEBOGEN Materialumschlagmaschinen für die Energieholzernte, den GaLa Bau und Biogas

    Our recommended
    machines for
    Fuel wood harvest / Landscaping / Biogas

    Fuel wood harvest / Landscaping / Biogas

    Economical use of renewable raw materials

    You can use the SENNEBOGEN 718 economically in fuel wood harvesting and in gardening and landscaping and generate permanent added value. The machine is multifunctional thanks to its attachments, which can be adapted to the relevant season.

    Efficient biomas logistics is key in the biogas sector. Our Multihandlers and Multiloaders master this challenging task as driving and loading machines, to ensure that you can gain valuable energy from your silage.

    Area of use

    SENNEBOGEN 718 E-Serie Böschungspflege mit Greiferkopfsäge
    • Cutting free of roads and forest paths / cutting gauges free
    • Safe and wide-reaching processing of road embankments
    • Gradual removal of problematic trees with low safety distances


    • Feeding hackers and shredders with lop / used wood / fuel wood
    • Handling lop und compost
    • Loading bulk goods - chippings


    Equipment for fuel wood harvest

    • Cutting head
    • Forestry grab
    • Collection device
    • Cutting shear
    • Tilt-rotator
    • Rotator Indexator
    • Grab saw
    • Mechanical quick-coupler
    • Harvester device

    Equipment for loading

    • Timber grab
    • Forest waste wood grab / hay grab / manure grab
    • Bulk material grab
    • Fuel wood grab
    • Orange peel grab
    • Cutter bars etc.