SENtrack DS telematic system

Manage your fleet with maximum efficiency via SENTrack DS

Use information that would otherwise stay hidden and increase your efficiency: With the SENtrack DS telematic system important data from your machine is recorded via a communications module and transmitted to our online database via the cell phone network. Using private online access, you can view this in real time and get valuable insights into how to work more efficiently.

How can I improve my efficiency with SENTrack DS?

SENTrack DS collates that data that your machine supplies and computes the information important for efficient operation and smooth process flows. Amongst other things, it supplies:

  • Travel distance analysis and route optimization: using GPS positioning daily routes around your premises can be reproduced and optimized
  • Summary of position & utilization: GPS can pinpoint the current position of the machine and display it on a map
  • Simple & reliable maintenance planning: automatic notification of maintenance intervals, convenient transfer of machine status, location and important machine data to your service partner


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What information will the SENTrack DS give me?

The SENtrack DS telematic system will conveniently provide you with a wide range of machine data online - e.g.:

  • Operational hours
  • Degree of utilization
  • Fuel consumption
  • Engine temperature
  • Hydraulic pressure
  • Position & travel distances

Also available to retrofit

Use the SENtrack DS for your existing fleet too. The retrofit kit can be installed easily and, as a general rule, without the need for SENNEBOGEN personnel. 

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