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Design Concept

  • Build for heavy duty applications with continuous operation
  • Extremely robust design in drives, undercarriage, boom and steel frames
  • High power engines and hydraulics for fast and effective duty cycles

With latest tools to approval of the prototype

  • Constructions with SolidWorks 3D-CAD software
  • Strength analysis and optimization with Finite Element calculation for high-strength and weight-optimized parts of the machines

Education: basis for the future

  • In our own training workshops all bases of precision machinists to mechatronic technicans will be impartet in up to three years of apprenticeship in tandem with the vocational school

Trial: Optimizing the machine

  • After development the prototype will be wired with various sensors and a big range of measured values will be gathered
  • The analysis of the measured values delivers the best parameters for an optimized operation of the machine

Testing: proving the market maturity

  • Only practice confirms the theory
  • An intensive testing phase on our own demonstration site proves the series maturity under real conditions

Flame Cutting

  • Optimized part design by close coordination between development and manufacturing
  • Optimum cutting quality because of modern cutting techniques
  • Fast response times in production

High in-house production - high degree of flexibility

  • Grown know-how in manufacturing of heavy-duty steel structures
  • High precision and reduced processing time
  • Process stability for best quality


  • High level of quality in all welding work for several steel qualities
  • Ultrasonic checking of welding seams
  • Modern suction cleaning system


  • Own paint-shop with flexible painting process
  • Best corrosion protection, seawater-resistant quality
  • Sand-blasting box for optimum surface preparation

Skilled, experienced employees

  • Preassemblies and final assembly with highly trained personnel
  • High level of professionalism in mechanical engineering, hydraulics and electrics

Specialized production works

  • Group and final assemblies in dedicated production areas
  • Quality controls after each production step
  • Production tools specialized for heavy equipment assemblies

Complete construction and test

  • Hydraulic setting, assembly and rigging of every machine
  • Complete in-house test programs according to systematic testing procedures

Loading and shipping

  • safe loading and lashing for maximum load security

ISO Certification Plant 1+2 Straubing

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ISO Certification Plant 3 Wackersdorf

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