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Quarrying / Mining

Our duty cycle crane delivers impressive output in quarrying and stripping work with a dragline bucket, especially in the extraction of e.g. sand, coal, clay and gravel.

Coastal fortification / dredging challenges

70 t duty cycle crane SENNEBOGEN 670 E dragline bucket gravel extraction quarrying lake

Gravel extraction

Dragline bucket application incl. up to 25 m grab depth and 45 m reach : Extraction rates of 40 m³/h to 400 m³/h

Extraction industry pictures

Videos of extraction industry applications in action

SENNEBOGEN 6100 E Duty Cycle Crane in operation for gravel extraction

06 Aug 2021

The SENNEBOGEN 6100 E duty cycle crane can be configured to meet your individual customer requirements: Here it is equipped with a…


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