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Telescopic crawler crane

The ideal crane for every construction site: Compact. Flexible. All-terrain.


Telescopic crawler crane: the crane concept for maximum flexibility

Are you looking for a crane offering the optimum combination of high load capacity, lifting height and flexibility? You want to reduce your transport costs and are looking for a compact crane that convinces with high lifting capacities? Discover the telescopic crawler crane as the ideal machine concept for every construction site! SENNEBOGEN has been developing and designing telescopic cranes with mobile or crawler undercarriages for more than 25 years - quality "Made in Germany".

We have the right solution for every task: As a leading manufacturer, we offer the largest selection of telescopic crawler cranes with maximum load capacities from 16 to 130 tonnes. Find out which advantages a telescopic crawler crane has for you: Especially due to its compact design and the flexible and cost-effective crane transport, the telescopic crawler crane is a sought-after machine for many construction companies and the ideal crane concept for crane rental.


Pick and Carry crane SENNEBOGEN 673 telescopic crane crawler construction site

Pick and carry crane: lifting and moving under full load

By moving under load (pick and carry), telescopic crawler cranes not only reach every corner of the construction site, the working radius of these cranes is also extended to the maximum. An excellent overview is provided by the tilting (standard for all performance classes) or elevating cab (standard for 613). The telescopic crawler crane is the ideal alternative to the AT-crane, RT-crane or tower crane. 360° rotations, telescoping and moving with up to 100 % load are no problem thanks to the high load capacity of our pick and carry cranes. Where the AT-crane reaches its limits, the telescopic crawler crane shows its strengths.

Crawler tracks undercarriage telescopic crane SENNEBOGENN 673 construction site

The real All-terrain crane

Our telescopic crawler crane masters even the most difficult terrain and can also be moved under load. Gradients of up to 20° and inclines of up to 4° are handled with ease. This flexible all-rounder thus quickly becomes the most important tool at your construction site. The up to 900 mm wide grouser base plates ensure maximum stability at all times with low ground pressure.

crane transport SENNEBOGEN telescopic crane 673 crawler low loader construction site

Crane transport: simple and cost-effective

Astute contractors know that simple and economical transportation between construction sites is an important factor, too. Telescopic crawler cranes offer full flexibility for crane transports, which means that they can be transported with just one low-loader, with or without crawler tracks. Once on site, the crane is ready for use in a short time after unloading thanks to its innovative self-assembly system - without the need for additional auxiliary cranes. This makes it a popular helper for many construction companies and the ideal machine for the fleet of every crane rental company.

compact crane SENNEBOGEN telescopic crane 673 crawler comparison all terrain crane construction site

Compact crane: Perfect for crane work on narrow construction sites

Thanks to its compact dimensions, our telescopic crawler crane requires up to 30% less space than an AT-crane, since the maximum load capacities can be achieved even without additional support. The Virtual Wall supports the driver in safety areas, e.g. when crane work is carried out near high-voltage power lines. The crane's crawler tracks can be adjusted to different track widths depending on the application. They ensure a small turning radius and the best manoeuvrability even on construction sites with confined spaces.

crane maintenance telescopic crane SENNEBOGEN 673 crawler engine construction site

Crane maintenance and service: Keep it simple!

Reliable and controllable technology makes life easier. We rely on hydraulics and electrics where electronics add no value. We make you happy, not dependent, and ensure that service and preventive maintenance of your cranes can be done with high cost efficiency. With cost-effective spare parts and easily accessible service points, you can take care of maintenance and repairs yourself. Clearly arranged standard components make it easy for you to check and troubleshoot.

Crawler telescopic crane in operation: What the crane rental company says

Crane rental company Dirk Bracht interview telescopic crane crawler SENNEBOGEN

"Precast concrete assembly and the wind industry are key areas of application for telescopic crawler cranes in our rental business."

Why does a crane rental company rely on telescopic crawler cranes? We spoke to Dirk Bracht, Managing Director of Franz Bracht Kranvermietung GmbH, and asked him: What are the advantages of the telescopic crawler crane concept for the crane rental business?


[Translate to English:]
to 16 t
Diesel engine:
to 92 kW
Telescopic crawler crane telecrane SENNEBOGEN 633 E structural civil engineering construction site crane
SENNEBOGEN 633 E lettering / type designation
to 33 t
Diesel engine:
to 129 kW
[Translate to English:]
to 40 t
Diesel engine:
to 129 kW
Telescopic crawler crane SENNEBOGEN 653 E structural civil engineering construction site
to 50 t
Diesel engine:
to 129 kW
Telescopic crawler crane telecrane SENNEBOGEN 673 E lifting works construction site crane
to 70 t
Diesel engine:
to 168 kW
Telescopic crawler crane telecrane SENNEBOGEN 6113 E crawler prefabricated concrete parts construction site structural civil engineering construction crane
to 120 t
Diesel engine:
to 168 kW
130 t telescopic crane SENNEBOGEN 6133 E crawler sheet pile construction site civil engineering
SENNEBOGEN 6133 Lettering Type designation
to 130 t
Diesel engine:
to 186 kW


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