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Port Crane

Overview of all Models

ModelTypeMax. Lifting capacityMax.
Hook height
Rated engine power
Harbour Mobile Crane 680Mobile
45 t
38 m
261 kW
Harbour Crane 6130Mobile
84 t
84 t
49 m
56 m
354-433 kW
354 / 433 kW
Harbour Crawler Crane 6200Crawler
122 t
69 m
470 / 570 kW
Harbour Mobile Crane 6210Mobile
125 t
57 m
433 kW

Did you know ... ?

... that you can configure your SENNEBOGEN harbour crane with wheeled undercarriage, crawler undercarriage or rail?

... that you can save up to 50% of your operating costs with our intelligent drive concepts for harbour cranes?

... that less electronics and sensors in our products contributes significantly to the fact that you can get more value by improving the availability of the machine?