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    Energy recovery

    SENNEBOGEN Green Hybrid system

    Energy recovery system Green Hybrid

    Reduced cost by up to 30%

    SENNEBOGEN Green Hybrid is the name of the new, innovative energy recovery system, which is implemented in the large SENNEBOGEN materials handling machines, effective immediately. With the Green Hybrid energy recovery system energy savings of up to 30 % are possible. The system essentially consists of a gas accumulator in the rear of the machine and a hydraulic cylinder on the boom. This sophisticated solution saves the energy in the system when lowering the boom and makes this saved energy available again for the next lift, virtually loss-free.

    Basic Principle of Energy Recovery System

    Benefits of the innovative energy recovery system

    Functional safety:

    use of hydraulic and proven standard components on the boom

    Operator and equipment safety:

    installation of pressure containers in the rear of the machine

    Convenient service:

    by simple oil pressure release and automatically controlled hydraulic system filling