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  • SENNEBOGEN 655 Dragline Excavator for sand and gravel extraction


    SENNEBOGEN 655 E-Series


    Dragline bucket excavator in use: 655 duty cycle crawler crane at A2C in France

    A new SENNEBOGEN 655 duty cycle crawler crane has recently started digging tons of sand and gravel in the Île-de-France region of France. In June, the French sales and service partner Sygmat delivered the 55 t material handler to the customer A2C matériaux.

    A family-owned enterprise, A2C has been working in the field of sand and gravel extraction and further processing for over 50 years. Around 1.2 million tons are extracted from gravel pits in the region of Île-de-France and supplied to concrete and prefabricated part plants. The material for this is classically extracted using the 55 t duty cycle crane using a dragline bucket. With the attached 2.5 cyd dragline bucket, the driver only needs 40 seconds to retrieve the gravel from a depth of up to 10 m.

    Reliable, robust technology for dragline bucket operation

    The SENNEBOGEN 655 HD's sturdy mechanical components are particularly well-suited to dynamic tasks. They include extremely wide, robust sheaves which reliably guide ropes and can withstand huge loads. Then there is a second slewing gear, which comes into its own particularly when the 655 HD is used with a dragline bucket, because as well as providing extra torque it also saves huge amounts of time when emptying the bucket. And the newly-designed fairlead keeps lateral movement in the luffing rope to a minimum thanks to a pulley rope guide in the lower boom section. The 655 D is equipped with a 261 kW strong diesel engine that reliably drives the two 16 t freefall winches. An extremely robust slewing ring and two strong slewing drives combined with the 24.3 m long lattice boom make the machine an optimum partner for extraction.

    A2C Granulat successfully uses a new SENNEBOGEN 655 HD for gravel extraction.