Green Efficiency Drive from SENNEBOGEN Electric travel drive for Pick & Carry

Green Efficiency Drive

World premiere! At ligna 2019 SENNEBOGEN presented the prototype of the 735 E Pick & Carry material handler with the unique Green Efficiency Drive. The new technology means that electric solutions can now also be used with Pick & Carry applications and will go into production in 2020.

What is behind the “Green Efficiency Drive” concept?

The Green Efficiency Drive is an innovation for mobile material handlers. For the first time, SENNEBOGEN has installed two electric drive engines in mobile, self-powered applications without the need for a power supply cable. The energy for the electric travel drive is provided by a generator run by the diesel engine.

When does the Green Efficiency Drive kick in?

The new Green Efficiency Drive is mainly used in day-to-day operations when accelerating, braking and driving under load. This is where the available energy can best be used. This is especially the case when handling timber, which is why SENNEBOGEN chose the powerful 735 E Pick & Carry material handler to be the first machine to be fitted with the Green Efficiency Drive.

How does the “Green Efficiency Drive” work?

The new system kicks in where we found the largest amount of unused energy. Starting-up and braking are controlled by an efficient electric drive and any surplus braking energy is recovered giving a higher level of efficiency that with a traditional hydrostatic diesel drive.

How much energy can I save with “Green Efficiency Drive”?

Thanks to the electric drive in the undercarriage and an intelligent energy management system, energy consumption can be reduced by up to 30 %.

What is the technology behind the Green Efficiency Drive?

SENNEBOGEN has developed this new travel drive in close collaboration with long-term partner Bosch Rexroth. The components are based on Bosch Rexroth drive components and were developed together to create a marketable product.

Video: The SENNEBOGEN 735 E with Green Efficiency Drive in operation

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