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Our Mission Statement

As a technology company, SENNEBOGEN stands for the highest quality and outstanding products. As our customer and partner, you place your trust in our expertise and services as a responsible Service Company. Our success is built on our ability to offer tangible and visible added value.

1. Secure investment

  • Long service life and stable value through robust technology.
  • By choosing SENNEBOGEN, our customers are making a secure, long-term investment.

2. Tailored solutions

  • Modular design, customer-specific construction.
  • You are individual and so are the requirements you place on your machines. We can tailor our solution to your needs.

3. Availability & Reliability

  • Manageable technology in place of over-engineering.
  • We simplify and reduce complexity - keeping technology manageable and reliable.

4. Innovation

  • Progress through innovation and visibly better solutions.
  • For us, products are only innovative if they actively support the operator and help the owner to run their business profitably.

5. Sustainability

  • Clever investment. Overall costs reduced.
  • Thinking in lifecycles: Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs - you save every day.

6. Value stability

  • Quality "Made in Germany" – including previously owned.
  • Our machines keep their value well even after many years of hard work - and are in high demand.

7. Continuity of a traditional, family-run company

  • Decision-makers are and remain available.
  • Stability is at the heart of all our actions and we focus on healthy, organic growth.