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When you think of a construction site you automatically think of cranes. This raises the question - which crane is the right one? In most cases, different concepts are used depending on reach, terrain and loads. Since flexibility and efficiency are of course also a must on the construction site, the tower, AT and RT cranes usually used are reaching their limits.


Discover why the telescopic crawler crane plays an important role on modern construction sites and how surprisingly versatile it can be. On this page we'll show you 10 reasons for the telescopic crawler crane.

Did you know?


1. Saves time and recources

The machine only needs one flat bed trailer for transportation and no additional staff for assembly and set-up. Simple and fast relocation of the crane gives you flexibility and ensures a high machine utilization. Thanks to its high resale value the crane becomes a clever investment.


2. Ready for use in 10 minutes

Our telescopic crawler crane is basically ready for operation immediately after unloading from the truck. Additional equipment such as fly jibs can be folded in for transport.


3. Flexible in use

The robust construction and the Full-Power Boom, which can be telescoped continuously under load, are predestined for flexible use. Whether applications with vibrators, drill leader, pile driver or in tandem stroke – you have many possibilities.


4. Real „All terrain“

Our telescopic crawler cranes master even the most difficult terrain and can move under load. Gradients up to 20° and inclines up to 4° are handled with ease.


5. Ideal for confined spaces

Thanks to its compactness, our telescopic crawler crane needs up to 30% less space than an AT crane. The Virtual Wall assists by working in security areas.


6. Controllable Technology

By using proven hydraulics and electrics and at the same time avoiding unnecessary electronics, the robust technology remains reliable even in extreme situations. Modern motor and drive technology enables our crawler crane to be a clever powerhouse in the long run.


7. Master of multitasking

You have to slew, rotate, move, lift and precisely set down the complete load in an inclined position? Our crawler crane is a true multitasking master. 360° rotations, continuous telescoping and movement with up to 100 % load are no problem. 


8. Moving loads horizontally and vertically

Because the telescopic crawler crane can move under load, it reaches even the furthest corner at the job site. Therefore it’s the more flexible alternative compared to AT, RT or tower crane.


9. For many industries

The crawler crane shows its strengths wherever loads have to be moved horizontally and vertically: e.g. pipe laying, tunnelling, hydraulic engineering, civil engineering, bridge construction, wind power, demolition, dismantling, opencast mining, maintenance, structural engineering, offshore and special civil engineering.


10. The right one for everyone

Thanks to the modular design and the large number of combinable components, the telescopic crane can be adapted to your customer-specific requirements. Our special solutions offer you even more possibilities.

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